Homebrewers Toolkit

A comprehensive tool for homebrewers where everything is organized according to what matters most to brewers: the taste & beer style you are trying to achieve

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Homebrewing has seen a bit of a revival in the past decade. Brewing beer at home is more popular than even, and with reason: it allows you to relive some of the authentic taste destroyed by the commercial megabreweries. But homebrewing can be a tricky process: if you don't get the mix of temperature, sugar and yeast exactly right, your brew will be flat & tasteless. To save us from the horrors of bad homebrews U2U Consultant Diederik Krols created the Homebrewers Toolkit.


The homebrewing process can be quite complicated. What is the right amount of sugar to add? How much yeast? What is the right temperature? How long should this part of the process take? The art of brewing is to balance all of these variables to get the style of beer you want.


Organization All of the app's tools, reference information & calculators are organized according to what matters most to the brewer: the beer taste he is trying to achieve. You decide the type of beer you want to brew & the app will help you design the brewing process to get there. This clear focus on what matters most to beer lover, the style & taste, is what distinguishes the app from others.

Reference information The app contains detailed reference information about beer styles and the hops, malts & yeasts plus how these ingredients will help you achieve the beer taste of your choice.

Calculators & Tools The brewing process is a precise science; the app offers comprehensive priming sugar, attenuation & volume calculators. Again, organized to help you find your favorite beer taste. The color meter tool uses the camera to help you verify the ECB color value of your beer.

Recipe Bills Part of the art of brewing beer is clearly defining all the tools, ingredients & processes before you start your brew. Homebrewers Toolkit helps by offering clear recipe bills for grains, hops & yeast.

Technology Homebrewers Toolkit is built as a native Windows 8 app & is thus able to use your computer's built-in technologies like the webcam for the color meter.

Feature Highlights

  1. Organized by beer style: everything you need to know to brew a certain beer style
  2. Interactive Diagrams show alcohol volume, bitterness & color by beer style
  3. Beer Style, Malt, Yeast & Hops Catalog
  4. Color Meter Tool to calculate EBC color value of your brew
  5. Priming Sugar, Attenuation & Volume Calculator
  6. Recipe Bills for Grain, Hops, and Yeast

Closing Thoughts

Homebrewer Toolkit highlights how complicated the process can be and how software can aid with complex workflows. Taking complex workflows & writing software to improve efficiency is the core of what U2U Consult does, and of course this is not limited to brewing. Which workflow in your company could benefit from modern mobile software? Get in touch!