No-Nonsense Screencasting App For The Mac

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Creative tasks like design, coding & writing require long stretches of uninterrupted time. That's why more and more people work remotely in these fields. Yet when your workday is interrupted all the time by Skype calls, chats & screen sharing sessions, this dream of hyper-efficient remote work can seem far off. But sometimes the easiest way to explain something *still* is to simply show it. Simple if you're in the same room, harder if you're remote & want to respect other people's concentration zone.


We need a tool to quickly show what we are working on, explain what we are doing, maybe ask for feedback & preferably without interrupting other people's concentration. e.g. a designer may want to show & comment on a version of the logo he is working on. A coder may want to show the code he worked on before he commits it to versioning.


Screencasting Castro allows you to create simple screencasts: it records your screen, camera & voice, then automatically uploads the video to a url you can then share. You simply show & explain and your colleagues will watch & respond when they have time.

Status Bar App Since the screencasting tool needs to be available at all times it was implemented as an OSX Status Bar app. It's always in the top right corner of your screen and can optionally be activated with a simple keystroke.

Auto-Upload To make the process as simple as possible the video is automatically uploaded to & made available at a url you can then share wherever you want.

Integrated Feedback When people visit a video url at, they can respond to that video by typing up a reply or even record their own video in response.

Feature Highlights

  1. Status Bar App: always ready to record
  2. Record your screen, voice & webcam
  3. Auto-uploads video
  4. Video Responses

Closing Thoughts

Castro is an example of how a simple app can enhance workplace productivity without interrupting existing workflows.