Use Case: Vlaanderen in Kaart

How the official map of Flanders maintained by the government was made available to the general public

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While many commercial mapping solutions exist by the likes of Google, Apple & Microsoft, authoritative data like detailed geospatial property definitions are often missing or only accessible through expert tools. The official map of Flanders is maintained by disparate government agencies in the CRAB & GRB databases & requires specialised tools to access. "Vlaanderen in Kaart" makes this available to the general public.

When planning renovations or making real estate purchase decisions, imprecise information often can cloud your judgement. How big is that plot of land really? Where does the public space begin and private space ends? If I want to start digging here for renovations, do I need to worry about cutting through cables?


We created a native mobile app for Windows & Windows Phone running on Microsoft's desktop, mobile & tablet environment. Native development made deep integration into the system possible, making sharing, printing & viewing detailed maps easier than ever.

With a precision of up to 10cm the GRB is the reference database for all things spatial in Flanders. Vlaanderen in Kaart allows you to quickly check this database when planning renovations. So before you cut off your neighborhood from the internet by digging in the wrong place, check the database. Google Maps can tell you street names but not the exact dimensions of the street & certainly not what is below the ground. This is exactly the kind of detailed reference information Vlaanderen in Kaart offers you.

Vlaanderen in Kaart also allows you to search by using the official database of addresses maintained by the government, including a search by official plot number as commonly found on home ownership documents.

Main Benefits

Vlaanderen in Kaart brings the official map of Flanders to the general public in unprecedented detail. This detailed plot data can be useful for real-estate & home renovation planning or any time you need to get the "definitive, official" answer to questions regarding the use of public & private space in Flanders.

Technology & Integration

The app was built using all of Microsoft's latest technology to enable it to run on all types of devices from traditional desktop to tablet, all while being built from a single codebase. No matter which device you are on: you are running the same app everywhere.

The app integrates directly with the GRB & CRAB databases maintained by Flanders Gov. Example of how apps built by U2U Consult can integrate with existing systems.

Native Features: we strongly believe that mobile apps need to use the device's capabilities. This app uses GPS for geolocation & integrates directly with Windows sharing functionality.

Uptake: Even though Vlaanderen in Kaart is a niche app for a small audience it was downloaded over 10000 times since launch. We believe that the future for apps for enterprises & organizations is to build small apps that perform a specific task very well. (e.g. showing detailed official mapping information).

Feature Highlights

  1. most detailed map of flanders available (altitude data, house numbers, groenkaart)
  2. save & print beautiful maps & aerial photos
  3. share with other applications on your computer or with people through social media
  4. search THE official address database of Flanders
  5. search by your current geolocation

Closing Thoughts

Vlaanderen in Kaart showcases U2U Consult's ability to integrate with both complex legacy systems & the most modern consumer technology. If you have existing databases that need to be connected to mobile.we can assist.