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    We develop cross-platform native mobile experiences for organizations of all sizes.

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More Than Just App Development

Based in Brussels, Belgium, U2U Consult has been offering consulting & development services in the EMEA region for over 10 years & has in-house mobile experts for all aspects of your mobile project. We take you from idea to app: we work with you to validate your app idea, define the UX & Design, do continuous product development, manage the project & actually implement your mobile experience in code. We pride ourselves in being a one-stop-shop for mobile.


From Idea To App

We can take your app to market in a short time & in a cost-effective way. In a typical project we will first design a winning mobile user experience & create a project roadmap.

We handle all aspects from project management to development & deployment. At all stages of the project we keep you in-the-loop with regular updates.

Your Mobile Presence

Developing for mobile first is the new norm. We help you get the most out of cross-platform and native apps for tablets and phones running iOS, Android & Windows Phone.

We help you make sure your mobile presence is top-notch & projects the modern image your business needs.

Unlock Business Value

Mobile is no longer just a matter of branding & marketing. We help you unlock business value by integrating with your existing ICT systems.

We securely connect all your targeted mobile users with your company and your ICT solutions. Be it clients, suppliers, prospects & communities.

U2U Consult

The experts at U2U Consult were able to answer my questions about mobile development & guide my mobile project in the right direction.

iPhone & iPad

In 2014, iOS is still the king of engagement & purchasing power: on average, iPhone users still purchase more apps & spend more time with their apps. U2U Consult has a team of experienced iOS developers at your disposal for developing your next iPhone hit app!

Android Mobile

In 2014, Android will flood the market with new devices & users, especially in growing markets. Android needs to be part of your mobile strategy & U2U Consult can offer state-of-the-art Android development, either standalone or in parallel to your iOS project.

Windows Phone

While Windows Phone innovated early on in terms of UI & ease-of-use, it still only holds third place in the market but is steadily growing due to the ubiquity of affordable devices. U2U Consult is one of the few mobile development shops in Belgium with Windows Phone experience.

Mobile Web

Web-based mobile technology is currently trending. We build standards-compliant mobile websites based on HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript connected to a backend running e.g. ASP.NET MVC. Alternatively we can build rich client applications with single-page technologies such as AngularJS & Typescript.


2013 & 2014 were the years of business apps. Mobile devices flooded the corporate world with the advent of the Bring-Your-Own-Device trend. U2U Consult has several years of experience integrating with legacy systems & can help you to connect mobile apps to your backend systems.


Our team of experts stays up-to-date with the latest developments coming out of the Android, Apple & Microsoft world. In 2014 we're attending Apple WWDC & we have been an Official Microsoft Partner for several years. We stay on top of industry best-practices to deliver your project on budget & on time.